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Kikk Festival 6-7 November 2014

Vision Nocturne at Kikk FestivalFormaX is an A/V performance by Rawakari & Vision Nocturne. It also exists as an installation named Cubix. FormaX is an audio reactive cubiq structure exploring visual and sonic spaces. This performance is part of a common audiovisual research between electronic music artist Rawakari (elf cut, thin consolation) & Vision Nocturne. The electronic sounds of Rawakari generates abstracts and hypnotic visuals creations onto the structure. Thanks to a smart interplay between optical and graphical elements the auidience gets lost in a minimal electronic landscape with complex and dreamy sounds.

This performance is organized in collaboration with Beautés Soniques.

Artists: Rawakari & Vision Nocturne
Realtime Motion graphic: Michaël VERLINDEN
Sound Design: Jean-François DELHEZ

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Athens Video Art Festival 2-5 October 2014

Vision Nocturne at Athens Video Art FestivalAthens Video Art Festival is an International Festival of Digital Arts and New Media. It celebrates digital culture through an annual gathering that brings together a global community of artists and audiences. Athens Video Art Festival aims to encourage, stimulate and promote all aspects of digital creation by investing in local as well as international artists and communities.

Through its multi-disciplinary program Athens Video Art Festival offers a wide range of New Media exhibitions, Screenings, Live Performances, Workshops and International Tributes showcasing artworks that display distinctive characteristics of the digital medium and reflects on its language and aesthetics

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MIRA: Muisc and Visual Arts festival 14, 15, 16 november 2013

vision nocturne at opus nightMIRA is an independent music and visual arts festival held in November in Barcelona.

MIRA focuses its activity on a high-quality artistic programme, offering unique ideas and an innovative experience for the audience.

The originality of MIRA lies in the balanced convergence between music and visuals, by stimulating the dialogue between artistic creators of both fields. National and international collaborations are developed months before the festival takes place, in order to offer a unique and spectacular show.

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Nuit Blanche 05.10.13

vision nocturne at nuit blanche 2013Nuit Blanche (which means “sleepless night” or “white night” in French), is a cultural event that is both artistic and popular. This 9th edition of the event aims at (re)discovering or (re)conquering this urban environment from a new perspective.

It is a night to get together, to share unusual and creative aspects of the contemporary creative scene in a warm and festive atmosphere that encourages discovery and wonder.

Nuit Blanche is aimed at opening up the city to the world of the night, by encouraging access to numerous places for a wide audience. This approach really is open to the city, to its inhabitants and to creativity.

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La Quinzaine Numérique

vision nocturne at quinzaine numerique de comines
Surprenantes, magiques, envoûtantes, découvrez des installations ludiques et interactives qui marient l’image fixe, animée ou projetée.
Créez votre propre univers visuel ou sonore en manipulant de nouvelles interfaces, faites évoluer des animations.

Exposition, 25/09 to 6/10
Fiesta F.A.N., 28/09 at 18h, free entrance
Workshop, 25/09 to 6/10
Visit Studio National des Arts Contemporains 'Le Frenoy', 6/10 at 14h30

Affiche (pdf)
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Moksha Ghent 20.04.13

vision nocturne at opus nightMore Info

Opus Brussels

vision nocturne at opus nightMore Info

Cubix Presentation 

vision nocturne at imal.orgMoreover, Kopernikko, member of the Rewind Concept Collective, will play a live-set for this presentation, confering a musical
experience to Vision Nocturne's installation.

Cubix is produced with the support of the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (Commission Arts numériques).
And was hosted by iMAL during two weeks for a residency.


Afro Bounce Night

vision nocturne at afrobounce nightMore Info

Kokeshi Night

vision nocturne at kokeshi nightMore Info

Plastic Festival

vision nocturne at plastic festival

Mapping Festival

vision nocturne at mapping festivalMore Info

Visual Performance

When the Vision Nocturne collective takes charge of a field of vision, begins is a dual-duel. Given that these two artists fostered the theorems of the same graphic aesthetics during the years they spent together studying Fine Art, they have decided to follow an artistic course that is opposite to the day. In order to respond better to the night and tackle the same images in their mixtures.

One combines vector abstraction with warm shades while the other faces the screen with more organic images, often in colder shades.

When Vision Nocturne takes the reins of a visual performance during an event (nights, parties, concerts, festivals, and soon), what takes place is a world of creative paradoxes that explodes on the screen in a complete and joyous chaos of complementary images.

Performance Visuelle

Quand le collectif Vision Nocturne prend le contrôle d’une arène visuelle, c’est un duo-duel qui commence. Parce que ces deux artistes nourris aux mêmes théorèmes esthétiques graphiques durant leurs années communes aux Beaux-Arts ont décidé de prendre des voies artistiques opposées le jour. Pour mieux se retrouver la nuit, et s’affronter à images égales lors de leurs mixes.

L’un allie l’abstraction du vectoriel aux tonalités chaudes, pendant que l’autre s’oppose sur écran avec des images plutôt organiques dans des tonalités souvent froides.

Quand Vision Nocturne prend les rennes d’une performance visuelle le temps d’un événement (soirées, concerts, festivals...), c’est tout un monde de paradoxes créatifs qui entre en scène et explose à l’écran en un joyeux chaos d’images complémentaire absolu.

Visual Performance

Cuando el colectivo de Vision Nocturne toma el control de un campo visual, es un dúo-duelo que empieza. Debido a que estos dos artistas alimentaron los teoremas de la misma estética gráfica durante sus años juntos en Bellas Artes han decidido tomar caminos artísticos opuesto al dia. Para responder mejor a la noche y hacer frente a las imágenes iguales en sus mezclas.

Uno combina la abstracción del vector a los tonos cálidos, mientras que el otro se opone en la pantalla con imágenes mas orgánicas con tonos a menudo frios.

Cuando Vision Nocturne toma las riendas de una performance visual durante un evento (noches, fiestas, conciertos, festivales...), es un mundo de paradojas creativas que viene y explota en la pantalla en un feliz caos absoluto de imágenes complementarias.

vision nocturne visual performance


Vision Nocturne presents Cubix, an interactive multitouch audiovisual installation,
further developed during a two-week residency at iMAL.

Filmed by dmoprod (

Residence at Imal 5-12-2012 (

Live Dj set: Kopperniko (Rewind Concept)
Music Editing: Rawakari "Brownies In Vegas"
Editing Video: Vision Nocturne
Special Thanks @ Elliot Woods,VUX, VVVV community
Support by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Rawakari // VN ### Forma X


Music: Rawakari (
Label: Thin Consolation (
Visual: Vision Nocturne
VVVV-Programming: Vision Nocturne
Camera: Vincent Deveux, Gilles Labarbe (
Editing: Vision Nocturne

VN Live VJ 2011

Kokeshi Night 02 septembre 2011

Alley Cat (Kokeshi, offshore / UK)
Kryptic Minds (Osiris Music UK, Swamp81, Tectonic / UK)
Youngsta (Tempa, FWD, Rinse / LDN, UK)
MC LowQui (Metalheadz / UK)
Kevin Dubsludge (Dubsludge / CH)
Visuals by Visionnocturne

Prototype FORMaX Mapping Cube

Mapping Cube
Prototype Structure reactive
FORMA_X....Light sculpture-Augmented Sculpture+++
video projection 3D test wip03
Music: Skulltaste - Mux Mool

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